Please find our most commonly asked questions from customers below.

Do You Have Terms & Conditions?

Yes, all jobs are subject to my terms and conditions which you can read by clicking this link: Terms & Conditions

What Does AJ I.T Services Repair?

– Windows computers and laptops
– Apple computers and MacBook’s
– Android phones
– iPhones
– Android tablets
– iPads
– Kindles
– TV’s
– Games Consoles

What Other Services Do You Provide?

AJ I.T Services provides a wide range of other services including Aerial Photography, video tape conversion, remote support and much more. Please forward to any of the following links below for a full list of my services: All Services

What Do You Need From Me To Carry Out A Repair?

For Computers, Mobile Phones and Tablets, you must make sure you have an up to date backup of your data. Please see my terms and conditions for more information about backups.

Please also make sure to take the following with you for your repair: – Computers: Admin, User logins – Laptops/ notebooks: Charger, Password or Pin – Tablet & iPads: Charger, Password or Pin – Mobile phones: Pin or Password – Kindles: Pin or Password

Please note: The pin code, unlock code or password is required for your device to carry out a fully successful repair, this is because the device and all it’s features and functionality have to be tested before completing a repair. This also means I can provide you with a confident warranty for your device knowing everything is working as it should. Your privacy and personal data is taken very seriously by AJ I.T Services in a professional and trustworthy manner giving you piece of mind that your pin code, unlock code or password is not used for any other purpose and no personal data is accessed as part of the features and functionality test.

How Much Does Each Job Cost? Replacement Parts Cost?

I can provide you with an estimate upon request.

I purchase most parts and materials specifically for each job and hold limited stock. Parts usually take 1-3 business days to arrive but could take longer, please be patient as this will ensure that you will get the very best and up-to-date parts and materials for your job. The price for replacement parts will be included in your estimate.

Please note: You only own replacement parts and materials for your job once payment in full has been received, if you decide to cancel your job/ repair, after you have given the go ahead, you will be charged for the parts purchased for your job. Failure to pay may result in debt recovery or court proceedings.

How Long Does A Repair Take? Can I Wait Whilst You Carry Out The Repair?

A repair can take from 1-7 working days depending on the nature of the repair. If parts are needed for the repair and have to be ordered, this can take more time, however, this is normally done before you hand over your device for repair so the parts are here and ready to go.

AJ I.T Services does not allow clients to wait for the repair for health and safety reasons and there is no guarantee a job can be done in a short amount of time.

I Accidentally Deleted Important Files From My Computer, Can You Help?

Yes, I provide a basic data recovery service. For non-basic data recovery, I use a data recovery specialist. For the best possible chance or recovering your files, please switch off the device immediately and don’t turn it back on until your files have been recovered.

When Do I Pay You?

Please forward to my terms and conditions where you can find payment information by: Clicking Here

What Types Of Payments Do You Accept?

– Bank transfer
– Visa or Mastercard Credit & Debit cards

I Have A Question That Is Not Listed Here, How Can I Get In Touch?

Tel: 07956 656 342
Facebook Message: Message on Facebook
Email: ajitservices@outlook.com

Alternatively please use the contact form provided by: Clicking Here
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