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Your personal IT bodyguard
2023 was the worst year for malware and ransomware attacks, computer scams and identity theft, in 2024 the pace and scale of cyberattacks are likely to keep increasing. By the end of 2023 there had been:
1.4 million cases of identity theft in the UK alone.
40 million adults were targeted by scammers.
£580 million was lost to financial fraud in the first six months of 2023 alone.
5 billion computers got hacked.
$8 trillion lost to Cybercrime worldwide.
2.39 million cases of cybercrimes affected UK businesses.
To help you combat these cyberattacks, AJ I.T. Services RMM now offers a line of defence, which goes well beyond traditional anti-virus protection.

What is RMM?

Remote monitoring and management (RMM) is an online facility that allows me to continually check that your computer is safe (security and updates are maintained) and ensure the workings of your computer are working optimally. It also lets us connect remotely to fix any IT issues you may have.

How will RMM help me and my business?

  • Provides real-time security monitoring of network and system.
  • Helps spot, stop and resolve any issues before they have happened.
  • Saves you having to check your security and run updates.
  • Provides a more in-depth hardware health check.
  • Solves problems quicker via remote support minimising call-outs.
  • Helps you and/or your business run effectively and worry free.
  • Keeps your data and identity safe from online threats.
  • Reduces downtime and saves money.

Is RMM better than Antivirus alone?

Remote monitoring and management goes beyond antivirus software. RMM includes the benefits of an Antivirus and more including the continuous monitoring of an entire network or system remotely, allowing for proactive detection and resolution of issues. This includes monitoring for potential security breaches, software vulnerabilities, hardware failures, and other IT infrastructure management tasks. While antivirus software is an essential component, RMM ensures that the overall health and performance of the network and the devices connected to it is maintained, providing a holistic solution for home and businesses to effectively manage their IT environment.
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