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On 24 June 2021 Microsoft announced Windows 11 would not support old computer hardware. Microsoft quoted "If you’re running a computer that is 4 years old or more, Windows 11 will not run on it". Luckily, you can continue to use Windows 10 until 2025, but once support has ended, using Windows 10 becomes a huge security risk.

Because Microsoft are pushing for everyone to use up to date hardware to increase security (and sell new computers) this comes at a cost for a lot of people and, eventually, you will have to buy a Windows 11 PC once Windows 10 support ends to keep you and your data safe online.

AJ I.T Services has put together a budget PC which is Windows 11 ready, using the best and up to date hardware for the best performance and reliability which will fit everyone's basic needs. With this custom PC you'll be up and running with no compatibility issues regarding Windows 11. See details below:

Windows 11 Custom PC Specs:
- Windows 11 Pro
- Intel Quad-Core Processor
- 8GB RAM - 256 M.2 SSD
- 1TB Storage Drive
- TP Link Wireless WIFI adapter
- PC Case, Motherboard, Power Supply
- 1 Year Warranty
- 50% off servicing for the first 2 years (terms apply)
- 10% off upgrades and repairs for the first 2 years.

Total: £595.00

This budget Windows 11 PC is built to future proof you going forward with performance, reliability and compatibility at the forefront. This means if you want to add more RAM, storage or other components YOU CAN. You can also pick a different size PC case at no extra cost! This PC would be ideal for home use and office use.

Customers who purchased an AJ I.T Services custom Windows 11 PC had this to say:

John McCabe - " I was looking for a replacement PC and so I gave AJ I.T Services a call. After discussing I ordered the custom Windows 11 PC. Looking online, there were cheaper options but not to the same spec. It was ready in four days with quality components and with room to upgrade if required. Will definitely go back to Aidan!"

Scott Mckilligin (Mahon Farm) - " I purchased the custom build Windows 11 PC from AJ I.T Services and would recommend Aidan. Great PC for the money and excellent service, thanks!"

Frank Duguid - " Having acquired my new Windows 11 PC from AJ I.T Services, I have to say that I am totally satisfied with the product and delighted that I took Aidan's advice to buy a custom PC as opposed to a pre-built product. This model provides everything I require and serves it’s purpose extremely well!I would also like to take the opportunity to extend my thanks to Aidan at AJ I.T Services for the excellent service he provided me!"

David Strathearn (DS Development Solutions) - "I asked AJ I.T Services to build me a PC for my business use. Now I have a very quick PC with software, back up and all 'synced' to my laptop for when I'm out and about. It all meets my exact needs and came without all the unnecessary extras you sometimes get when buying computers. Thank you Aidan for great service and for taking time to explain things to me!"

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