Purchasing a Refurbished Devices From AJ I.T Services

If you are looking to buy a new smartphone or computer, a very good option can be refurbished from an established reputable source. We all like brand new stuff, but you can get the same functionality from a refurbished device, enjoy other benefits and help preserve the environment. Here are some things to consider:

You can expect to save between 20-40% for mobile phones and 20-50% on computers, compared with the same new product.

Refurbished products are, by nature, available a bit later than new models, this means that information on the pros and cons of the device is already available to you.

Many refurbished products come with the same guarantee and warranty, get the same customer service and usually get free upgrades to the latest software and operating systems as their new counterparts.

There are thought to be 5.2 billion people with access to mobile devices. In 2020 there was 1.38 billion smartphones sold worldwide. That means over a quarter of all owners are getting a new phone every year, which is understandable with some brands marketing new models as often as every 6 months. Electronic waste is a huge and growing global problem and yet so many items can be refurbished or recycled. By choosing to buy refurbished over new, you are helping to extend the IT equipment’s lifecycle. This helps to reduce the demand for new phones and computers and preserve the earth’s raw materials.

AJ I.T Services is committed to providing the best refurbished devices you can buy for the best price and include more than just a warranty!

Warranty: AJ I.T Services refurbished laptops come with: – One year warranty – Brand new solid state hard drive – 50% off yearly servicing for the first two years *(Terms apply) – 10% off repairs & upgrades for the first two years

AJ I.T Services refurbished smartphones come with: – One year warranty – Sim Free/ unlocked – Brand new charging cable – 10% off repairs & upgrades for the first two years * Terms – If you don’t service your device at least once in the first year of purchase you will not be eligible to receive any servicing discount in the second year.