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Home sale videos are becoming a popular option to help promote the sale of your property, buildings or land. A home sale video can help your property to stand out and add perspective, dimension and enhance qualities that may not appear in standard photographs. It can also aid a quick sale as it can give a potential buyer a much better look at the property and also provide opportunity to visualise future plans.

Please find a ‘teaser’ video of a recent home sale video below:

6 reasons a home sale video will help sell your property:


    1. Did you know that more than 90% of all buyers find their homes online?* With over 90% of people exposed to a full video tour of your home, with a home sale video added, you’re in with a pretty good chance of getting it sold!
    2. Professional videos hone in on the specials features in your home. With a video, you can choose what you want your audience to see, allowing you to focus on the features you would like to highlight.
    3. As mentioned above, virtual viewing allows prospective buyers to feel like they are actually there inside your home, giving them a sense of what the property is like before booking a viewing in person. This method works well to filter out people who might decide it’s not for them, in comparison to those who have seen your home sale video and are very serious about buying your home.
    4. Property videos are popular because they can easily be shared online to social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and websites such as Zoopla and ASPC. Sharing a video to many different places allows it to reach more people, rather than just posting a standard property listing.
    5. For the sale of larger properties, videos work especially well because they allow the viewer to fully appreciate the wealth of space that the property has to offer. Videographers can be very creative when shooting these types of videos by switching up the angles and camera’s used, for example using drone shots to help show off the size of the land from above.
    6. Finally, rather than having just one viewing of your home at a time, a professional property video allows hundreds of people to look at the house simultaneously online, gaining your property a much broader exposure.

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Each home sale video is different, however the price always start for as little as £100.00!

Each home sale video is tailored to the individuals needs, this also means the video's price depends on how long you'd like the video to be, if you'd like to include any pictures, Aerial videos etc.

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Property Sale FAQs

Can you fly in bad weather?

For safety reasons I do not fly in wind speeds exceeding of 12mph. Anything above 12mph will start to affect the smoothness of the shot. The best days to fly are dry days with next to no wind.

Are you insured?

Yes! AJ I.T Services is fully licenced and insured for commercial work.

What are your flight times?

Usually up to 60 minutes per shoot. However, this depends on a few factors, for example, photograph only shot or video shoots. Also weather can play a factor, slight wind can make a drone work harder by trying to remain as smooth as possible.

Can you fly indoors?

Yes! As long as there is enough room then it is possible to fly indoors.

Can you edit media you shoot?

Yes! AJ I.T Services can offer all sorts of post production editing, you are also kept informed throughout all stages and collaboration is also welcome so you always get exactly what you want.

How quickly can you get footage?

AJ I.T Services can provide an express service and in some cases, depending on the shoot, it can all be done within one day! From shoot, to video editing, to completion!

How much does it cost?

Each project can differ in cost as it can present its own unique set of requirements. However, I will always assess every job and give you an estimate before any work has started.

Where can I check out your photography?

I have a question that isn't listed here, how do I get in touch?

You can contact me by submitting and email from the contact page or you can give me a call on 07956 656 342.