Battery Calibration

Your device will track the battery percentage starting from a full battery at 100%, steadily and naturally dropping to 0% number by number. However sometimes your device won’t show the accurate battery percentage, for example, have you ever experienced your phone jumping from a high battery percentage to a low battery percentage instantly (50% to 1%)? You may also experience unexpected shutdown?

This is where battery calibration comes in, doing this at least once a month can ensure your phone always displays the correct battery percentage.

Please note: It is important to know that calibrating your battery will not make a battery last longer, this is because all lithium batteries degrade over time with age due to repeated charging cycles.

Here’s how to calibrate your device:
Step 1 – Let the battery drain past 0% until the device naturally shuts down.
Step 2 – Make sure there is no charge left (try turning it back on a few times to discharge leftover current).
Step 3 – Plug the device in to charge (make sure you use a genuine charger purchased from the manufacturer or authorised cable).
Step 4 – If your device turns on, shut it down and let it charge fully while it is powered off (once it has reached 100%, leave it for a further two hours).
Step 5 – Turn on the device (with charger still plugged in).
Step 6 – Unplug charging cable once the device has booted fully.

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