Aerial Photography

AJ I.T Services offer a variety of aerial videography and photography services.

Whether you’re inspecting a roof following or during development, investigating water ingress or weather damage, aerial photography can capture those hard to reach places in a safely manner. Aerial site photography can also show every stage of a development from planning, foundations, building to completion. The best way of getting a progressive overview of a site is by aerial photography. AJ I.T Services can give you a series of high resolution images or video of most hard to reach areas and structures. For example, under bridges, towers, stadiums, wind turbines and church spires to name a few. Using a drone for this type of work is a quick, easier and much safer option.

Aerial videos by drone is an extremely flexible and affordable way to get stunning 4K HD footage for you personal or business use. AJ I.T Services takes pride in capturing stunning aerial footage. There are lots of potential applications for aerial media, a few examples are: Roof inspections, Advertising, Event filming, Surveying, Sports & Water sports, Weddings, Golf courses, Agriculture and Real Estate. AJ I.T Service also offers video editing for all drone projects and uses professional editing tools such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Premier Pro and Wondershare Filmora X.

AJ I.T Services can offer you a combination of stunning HD aerial filming and breath-taking aerial photography for a variety of different projects including building inspections, estate agents, site mapping, construction sites, aerial videos, home sale videos and more! Aerial photography and filming by drone is also a safe, cost-effective and environmentally alternative to conventional methods. It lowers the risk associated with working at height or in live danger areas.

AJ I.T Services is fully licenced and insured for commercial work.

Aerial Photography

Get in touch to discuss your required service or project including the information below:

1. BRIEF – AJ I.T Services require a full creative brief of what the client is looking to achieve.
2. LOCATION – ideally the exact postcode(s) where you want the filming or photography to take place.
3. PROPOSED DATE – firstly we need to ascertain if the date is free to do the shot and then secondly we may have to look into any additional factors which may need to be factored into shooting on that date.


Aerial Photography FAQs

Can you fly in bad weather?

For safety reasons I do not fly in wind speeds exceeding of 12mph. Anything above 12mph will start to affect the smoothness of the shot. The best days to fly are dry days with next to no wind.

Are you insured?

Yes! AJ I.T Services is fully licenced and insured for commercial work.

What are your flight times?

Usually up to 60 minutes per shoot. However, this depends on a few factors, for example, photograph only shot or video shoots. Also weather can play a factor, slight wind can make a drone work harder by trying to remain as smooth as possible.

Can you fly indoors?

Yes! As long as there is enough room then it is possible to fly indoors.

Can you edit media you shoot?

Yes! AJ I.T Services can offer all sorts of post production editing, you are also kept informed throughout all stages and collaboration is also welcome so you always get exactly what you want.

How quickly can you get footage?

AJ I.T Services can provide an express service and in some cases, depending on the shoot, it can all be done within one day! From shoot, to video editing, to completion!

How much does it cost?

Each project can differ in cost as it can present its own unique set of requirements. However, I will always assess every job and give you an estimate before any work has started.

Where can I check out your photography?

I have a question that isn't listed here, how do I get in touch?

You can contact me by submitting and email from the contact page or you can give me a call on 07956 656 342.